When the esteemed TEDx Surry University sought a speaker to enlighten and captivate its global audience, Perry was an unequivocal choice. From the intimate setting of his home, Perry communicated with an impact often reserved for grand stages, delving deep into the narratives of survivors. His discourse not only unveiled his personal odyssey but highlighted the transformative might of voicing one’s truth. This virtual presentation bolstered his stature in the realm of personal resilience and recovery. Engaging a diverse international audience, Perry delineated the subtleties of healing, the importance of communal support, and the imperative of platforms that amplify the muted. His TEDx talk is a nod to his dedication to initiating a wave of change, impacting lives, one story at a time.

Highlighted by The SUN, one of the UK’s leading newspapers, Perry Power’s story resonated with readers across the nation. The piece dives into Perry’s brave decision to share his personal narrative, emphasizing his mission to advocate for change and provide support for others on their journeys. His dedication, not only to shed light on his own experiences but to uplift countless others, exemplifies a unique blend of courage and compassion. This feature underscores Perry’s growing influence and the importance of his cause. Explore the full article to grasp the depth of his impact.



When INSIDER, a leading digital media outlet with a reputation for breaking significant stories, spotlighted Perry Power’s impactful journey, it resonated with a global audience. Insider’s feature unveils Perry’s tenacity in the face of adversity and his mission to be a beacon for countless others navigating their own trials. Perry’s dedication to fostering hope and facilitating healing for many underpins the narrative. An exploration into Insider’s coverage provides a closer look at the profound influence of Perry’s resilience and outreach. Dive into the article to grasp the breadth of his impact.

In a candid feature by Bracknell News, Perry Power from Bracknell unveils a deeply personal experience from his youth, highlighting the lasting effects of concealed truths within families. Having carried the weight of this secret for 12 years, Perry’s eventual choice to voice his story inspired many. Now an active presence on TikTok and a resident of Guildford, Perry channels his past into purposeful action. His co-founded charity, ‘We Rescue Kids,’ and his book, ‘Breaking The Silence,’ bear testament to his commitment to making a positive impact, demonstrating how personal challenges can be transformed into powerful advocacy.




Perry’s powerful narrative and the message of resilience has reverberated across various prominent platforms. From local news outlets such as Surrey Live and Bracknell News, to internationally recognized media giants like The Sun and Insider. His compelling journey has been spotlighted in the heart of London by My London, and resonated with audiences worldwide through a TEDx talk. Journal Christus Liberat, The Meg Rock Show, and WRS – Women’s Radio Station have all echoed his profound insights. Even sports enthusiasts on Yahoo Sports found inspiration in his story. His appearances on Judging Meghan, She Rebel Radio, Mavericks In Motions Podcast, and contributions to The Good Men Project and Underdog Empowerment further solidify Perry’s vast reach and relentless commitment to making a positive impact.

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