A Childhood Overshadowed: Born into a world shadowed by secrets, Perry Power’s early years were marked by challenges that many could scarcely imagine. As a survivor of child sexual abuse, he lived with traumas that sought to stifle his voice and dim his light.

Breaking the Silence: For years, Perry kept his painful past hidden, trying to forge a “normal” life. But the weight of the secret took its toll, pushing him to the brink of depression and suicidal thoughts. It was only when he bravely chose to share his story that the chains of his past began to loosen.

An Inspirational Turn: Turning pain into purpose, Perry didn’t merely seek personal healing; he aspired to become an idol for others. Through his vulnerability, he discovered a strength and purpose that transformed him from a silent sufferer into a vocal advocate for abuse survivors. Many of whom are now writing their own story and publishing books.

The Power of Community: Understanding the value of shared experiences, Perry founded “The Power Tribe”, a community offering solace and strength to fellow survivors. This community not only empowered its members but also reaffirmed Perry’s belief in the healing power of unity and collective support.

From Words to Action: With the belief that every survivor has a story worth telling, Perry introduced the “Powerful Books” initiative. This platform gives survivors the tools and confidence to pen their narratives, turning their traumatic histories into testimonials of resilience.

A Voice for Many: Today, Perry is more than just a survivor. He understands there are millions survivors watching from the shadows, and he continues using his story to inspire, educate, and raise awareness about child sexual abuse. As a sought-after speaker and author, Perry ensures that every silenced voice gets the chance to be heard.



Perry Power's compassionate outreach has become a beacon of hope, prompting numerous survivors to courageously break their silence and embark on the healing journey. These interactions, underscored by trust and empathy, highlight the importance of fostering supportive spaces for survivors to voice their experiences and begin the transformative path towards recovery.


Power Tribe

Welcome to 'The Power Tribe'—a thriving haven where survivors evolve into warriors. With a tribe of over 4,500 strong, we're not just a community; we're a transformative force of resilience, unity, and sheer power. This is your sanctuary to connect, share your journey, and find those 'me too' moments that change lives. Together, we honor our past, celebrate our strides, and move forward, reshaping our stories from victims to victors.  It's time to seize your power, shatter the silence, and awaken the warrior that's always been within you.

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