Personal Triumphs

It’s not just about the story you tell; it’s about the story you live. Perry has been a catalyst for personal transformation, offering people the emotional tools to break the shackles of their past and build a life rooted in resilience and self-empowerment. He has coached numerous individuals to harness the power of their unique journeys, shaping them into inspiring, actionable narratives that serve both the self and the collective. Through workshops, one-on-one sessions, and public speaking engagements, Perry sparks profound personal changes that echo far beyond words on a page—altering the course of lives in real, tangible ways.

Global Reach

Perry’s influence extends far beyond the borders of his home country. As the founder of “The Power Tribe,” he has fostered an international community that resonates with the universality of human struggle and resilience. With members hailing from over 20 countries, this ever-growing network serves as a virtual sanctuary where survivors can find a shared sense of purpose and empowerment. Perry’s online workshops, webinars, and resources have become globally acclaimed, turning him into a beacon of hope for survivors across continents. In embracing the digital age, Perry ensures that his life-changing tools are accessible to anyone, anywhere—proving that geographical location is no barrier to healing or empowerment.


Perry Power






Perry Power is a dedicated advocate, best-selling author, and resilient survivor making waves in the fight against sexual abuse. After enduring the trauma of abuse and years of silence, Perry now leverages his experiences to empower others, helping fellow survivors reclaim their voices and take control of their healing journey. He co-founded two charities providing crucial support for victims, authored 'Breaking The Silence', and spearheads a supportive community for survivors. Learn more about Perry's inspiring journey, his tireless work, and his mission to break the silence around abuse.



Perry Power's compassionate outreach has become a beacon of hope, prompting numerous survivors to courageously break their silence and embark on the healing journey. These interactions, underscored by trust and empathy, highlight the importance of fostering supportive spaces for survivors to voice their experiences and begin the transformative path towards recovery.


Power Tribe

Welcome to 'The Power Tribe'—a thriving haven where survivors evolve into warriors. With a tribe of over 4,500 strong, we're not just a community; we're a transformative force of resilience, unity, and sheer power. This is your sanctuary to connect, share your journey, and find those 'me too' moments that change lives. Together, we honor our past, celebrate our strides, and move forward, reshaping our stories from victims to victors.  It's time to seize your power, shatter the silence, and awaken the warrior that's always been within you.

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