Whether you’re organizing a speaking engagement, planning an event, or embarking on a fund-raising initiative for a cause close to your heart, Perry is eager to collaborate. His journey, insights, and dedication make him the ideal partner for charity events, insightful discussions, and impactful community work. If you’re a survivor ready to narrate your story, seeking guidance on publishing your book, or wish to contribute to meaningful change, Perry is just a message away. Click the button below to begin a conversation with Perry on Instagram.




Perry Power's compassionate outreach has become a beacon of hope, prompting numerous survivors to courageously break their silence and embark on the healing journey. These interactions, underscored by trust and empathy, highlight the importance of fostering supportive spaces for survivors to voice their experiences and begin the transformative path towards recovery.


Power Tribe

Welcome to 'The Power Tribe'—a thriving haven where survivors evolve into warriors. With a tribe of over 4,500 strong, we're not just a community; we're a transformative force of resilience, unity, and sheer power. This is your sanctuary to connect, share your journey, and find those 'me too' moments that change lives. Together, we honor our past, celebrate our strides, and move forward, reshaping our stories from victims to victors.  It's time to seize your power, shatter the silence, and awaken the warrior that's always been within you.

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